Fab Metal Gold Columns RGoldColumns
Fab Metal Gold Columns
Product Description:

These Amazing Gold Metal Columns are Sure to Set you apart from any other wedding.. I have 2 Big and 2 Small Dimemsions are 15.75"x 35.5" and 15.75"x 47.25". They are the Same Width just Differnt Heights. They are Kinda Heavy but Easily Moved. They Rent for $75 each... Doesn't matter which size This is a RENTAL item only. Please call the shop for more information on how to rent. Our rental terms are for 5 days. You are responsible for returning it to the shop by the 5th day prior to closing. If not returned by this time you will be charged the rental rate, per day until returned. If we need the item for another event and it is not returned on time you will be charged for the replacement of the rental item. A credit card must be kept on file for all rental items in case of missing, replacement or damaged items.

Approx. BIG!!!

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